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For Mansfield by Mansfield

We saw the need to create an indoor play park.  We wanted to build a place for our neighbors in Mansfield to bring their children when it's too hot, too cold or just burn their extra energy off.   At Play Park MTX we envisioned a place where parents can come to work, enjoy their coffee, or have playdates.  We want parents to meet up without the stress of having to worry about cleaning their home for guests, or the headache of having to drive all over the DFW area.  

About Play Park MTX

Play Park MTX is a passion project for us.  We are funding this 100% out-of-pocket and without the aid of a franchise name or loans. We are veteran owned and family operated business.  Tired of driving 30+ minutes to indoor facilities, we began joking about opening a playground and somewhere in between the jokes, we took each other seriously and started planning. From that, Play Date MTX rose into existence.  Albeit, not as mighty and grand as we envisioned, but we’ll get there with your support.


Sadly, due to the sharp rise in inflation, namely materials costs and labor costs our original facility plan had to be scaled back drastically.  To be completely transparent, the buildout we originally budgeted and planned for quadrupled. We chose to still build out the playground and get our doors open, come what may.  



We have future plans to add more party tables, and party rooms. Until we are able to fund this, seating is limited and the facility is less than “pretty”. 


What we ask from you is that you show us grace. We are working our full-time jobs, coaching, volunteering, and parenting all while also trying to launch this beast of a dream.  We are VERY aware of what we NEED to do and offer and are working diligently towards it.  Believe us, we eat, sleep, dream, and breathe this project. 


Our vision is a place for families to gather and beat the heat and cold, where you can relax while your kiddo releases that pent up energy. We want it to be safe, affordable, and full of joy.


We are still working out some details that had to be reworked, but will get our doors open and announce our grand opening as soon as possible.

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